CBD & Cannabis Research Results on Pain, Sleep, Anxiety and Suppressing Cytokin Storm

CBD & Cannabis Research on Pain

CBD & Cannabis Research on Sleep

CBD & Cannabis Research on Anxiety

CBD & Cannabis Research on Suppressing Cytokin Storm


CBD for Beginners

What you should look for and what you should know

Some may mistake a reading the 300mg bottle of Water soluble cbd as 300mg for every dose. This is incorrect. The details of all supplements should reveal mg or ml per dosage. Water soluble CBD dosages will be in ml. If it does not reveal mg or ml per dosage, then divide the number of days by the milligrams on the bottle. This would be your dosage per day. Water soluble CBD can be felt from 3-4 ml (drops) because it is able to be absorbed quickly into the blood stream

  1. Be awere if the product you are buying is Full spectrum, Broad spectrum, or isolate. These are all good. Full spectrum will give you all the benefits that CBD can offer to the body but it does contain .03% THC. Broad spectrum has zero THC.
  2. Look for 3rd party lab test results.
  3. You can find more good information on CBD quality here

CBD oil is mostly broken down absorbed in the liver after it has traveled through the diegestive system. This process can take some time to feel direct effects although it is possible to feel the affects within 10 minutes.

Water soluble CBD has much faster affect that oil. You can mix it with any drink. It can be absorbed through the blood vessels in the mouth.

Although CBD is known to replace many medications for some, it should not be used in the same moments along other medications. Check with your doctor. Read more here.

Hemp seed extract dose have some good benifits but not the same benifits as CBD oil


What does delta feel like?





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