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Covid-19 is the disease.     SARS-Cov-2 is the name of the virus.


This article is about possible options to deal with covid-19 before and after infected.  The price of the options range from free to inexpensive. The firsts set of options deal with ways of outlasting the virus after infection. The second set of options deal with killing the virus on surface and air born. All links in this article lead to google search results from research firms.

Outlasting the virus.
High blood pressure and hypertension along with respiratory infection has been the key factor in mortality of covid-19. Below are 5, proven researched methods of lowering high blood pressure and hypertension which range from cheap to inexpensive. These same 5 methods have also been proven by research to boost the bodies immune system.  The links in the list will have articles from research institutions.  Question? Would applying all 5 method help in outlasting the virus? Could applying all 5 methods be dangerous?

  1. Brainwave Entrainment – Very effective in lowering BP and hypertension. Can be used with just a simple app.
  2. Abdominal Massage – Very effective in relieving stress and hypertension.  And it is free
  3. CBD Oil (Hemp) – Very effective lowring BP and hypertension with cost ranging $50 to $100
  4. Ginsing herb – Very effective in aiding respiratory system in COPD patients
  5. Foods to lower blood pressure – Very effective and essential with all things health

All 4 methods above have also researched proven to boost the bodies immune system.

  1. Delta and theta brainwaves to boost immune system
  2. Abdominal Massages to boost immune system
  3. CBD oil to boost immune system
  4. Ginsing to boost immune system
  5. Foods to boost immune system


Killing the virus on surface and airborn

Below are to researched proven methods to kill airborn and surface viruses. Question. Why are we talking about them?

  1. Negative ions and viruses -Very effective. Proven effective in hospitals. Range from $50 +
  2. UVC light and viruses – Very effective. Used in hospitals and labs. Price range from $16 +


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