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This product has a special feature that many other brands are starting to supply. The oil is manufactured using a technology called Nano technology. Although the term Nano technology may be not an accurate term to use for this application, the function of faster absorption that this brand offers is accurate.

Nano technology makes oil tinctures more  perform in more of a potent way do to the fact that all of the oil is absorbed into the blood stream within 5 to 10 minutes giving.  Oils not treated with nano technology  often take hours to be broken down to feel affects which can also gives the impression of a weak dosage.


Only about 2 to 3mg out of 10mg of CBD oil from tinctures is absorbed in the body. The rest of the oil can stay in the body for many hours until it can get broken down enough to be absorbed. This can give one the impression that the oil is not working or it is weak.

As explained in the above sections most of non NT treated oil is left unprocessed or processed later in the body where as NT treated oil is 100% absorbed. For instance, about 600- 700mg in a 1oz bottle of 1000mg non treated oil  will not be absorbed into the body, leaving about 300 to 400mg to be absorbed. The absorption rate is so efficient that they do not even offer a 1000mg tincture. 🙂

As we know, water and oil do not mix. Nano treated oil is broken down to fine particles allowing the oil to spread in liquids. This offers the ability to add your CBD to any drinks and it will continue to absorb in minutes.

Hemp oil (not hemp seed oil) is proven to greatly relieve anxiety, pain and many other ailments.

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