Social Thought Experiments

These thought experiments are meant to magnify the challenge of the pandemic. They also brings question individual personality and their responses to this global problem.

Thought experiment A

Two of the largest carrier ships are set to race around the world. Each ship has 50 passengers  all between the ages of 18 to 25,  50 nurses 50 doctors and 50 ship workers and one covid passenger. Everyone knows about the covid passenger. Ship A will run the race with no covid safety mandatory guidelines. Ship B will run the race with mandatory guidelines.  Do I really need to go any further with this thought experiment?


Thought experiment B

2 space station traveling around the world with the same  people. Again, do i really need to go further with this thought experiment?


Thought experiment C

This thought experiment is  different. A volcano erupts and produces enough ash to cover half the earth. Masks are worn to protect lungs from the ash. This time most people eagerly wear the mask. Why? Maybe because they can actually see the object to protect themself from, and also they know it that this is an issue that will directly affect them. Wearing the mask  in  this global issue does not protect others, it only protect the individual wearing the mask.

The virus particle is invisible to us. The virus is also viewed as a natural genetic washing out of weaker jeans. This senorio would trigger some personalities for a challenge because they deeply  believe they have the stronger gene. One of the  responses to this challenge is not mask wearing